United Group Services

Dual RNG Plant Construction in DFW


United Group Services completed a significant project for one of our partners in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas. This project involved the simultaneous construction of two facilities at a single location, aimed at converting landfill waste gases into renewable natural gas.


Constructing two facilities concurrently on the same site presented unique challenges. Our team successfully navigated complexities such as limited space due to two existing buildings already on the site and the integration of renewable energy technologies. One of the primary hurdles was the installation of over 60 pieces of equipment, including vessels, compressors, and aftercoolers, with a combined weight exceeding 500 tons. Additionally, we fabricated and installed over 15,000 feet of piping and provided all structural steel pipe racks, supports, and equipment platforms, amounting to approximately 160 tons of steel.


Our team implemented a comprehensive construction plan to manage logistical hurdles. This plan included detailed scheduling to optimize resources and minimize conflicts. A phased construction approach was employed to streamline processes and ensure timely completion. Despite the challenges, we were substantially complete within 6 months but stayed on-site for an additional 2 months for start-up support. Throughout the project, emphasis was placed on our team’s constant communication and collaboration with our client, enabling us to address issues promptly and keep the project on track. Most importantly, we completed this project with no Safety incidents/accidents!

Project Lead

Gary Clarke

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